In shaa Allah, special speech will be delivered by
Allama Maulana Syed
Shah Abdul Haq Qadri
on Wednesday
Date: 30th April 2014 (30th night of Jamadi-us-Sani 1435 or 1st night of Rajab-ul-Murajjab 1435)
Time: around 10:00 PM Pakistan time (+5 GMT)
Venue: YMCA Mela Lawn, Aiwan-e-Sadar Road, Near Arts Council, Karachi

– Jamat-e-Isha will be offered at around 9:30 PM Pakistan time (+5 GMT)
– Ladies can also attend this program.
– Karachi residents, please attend this program at above venue with your friends, families and relatives.
–  Please circulate this invitation personally and also on social media.
–  In shaa Allah, this program will be broadcasted live at
– Broadcasting of the program on the Internet is subject to the availability of electricity and weather conditions.